A Land of Chocolate and Mountains

We arrived late in the night, coming from the land of infinite daylight (Iceland) the unfamiliar darkness took us by surprise. Picking up our car, we drove to our Airbnb which, unbeknownst to us, was across the border in France. We drove through the unpatrolled crossing and found our home for the night. 

Awaking the next day, we left with the mission of making it to Lucerne by early evening. The city of Bern was our first stop. Walking along the cobblestone streets, we found a restaurant to eat our fill of extremely expensive food and stopped in at Starbucks for $8 coffee. We quickly became aware of the sky-high prices of this landlocked country. After emptying our wallets, we took off to Lucerne. We checked into our hotel right along the river flowing into Lake Lucerne, dropped off our bags, and went out to explore. Gelato shops and Italian restaurants lined the riverfront, making it incredible hard to choose where to go. We finally decided and ended the night eating gelato on the the edge of the river watching the swans float on by.

The next few days were spent exploring the mountain villages of the Swiss Alps. We took the cablecar up Mt. Pilatus and were carried through the mountains via Switzerland's car transports. We spent two days relaxing in the town of Frutigen where you could watch the paragliders floating from the clouds above and hear the bells of the Swiss cows grazing on the hillside. The air was so fresh, the mountains so beautiful - I could've stayed there forever.

Our last big stop in Switzerland was Zermatt and the Matterhorn. We embarked on a day long journey to see the city and take in the views of the iconic mountain peak. The history and culture of this old mountain town was seemingly frozen in time, making it so easy to immerse ourselves in its heritage. 

En route back to Geneva, where we would be flying out of the next day, we stopped at the lakeside city of Montreux - home of the Jazz Festival and jaw-dropping views of Lake Geneva. We walked around a bit and took it all in before heading on to our final destination. We spent our last night having drinks along the stone alleyways of the old city, reminiscing on our unforgettable time in this country.  

Brandon EckrothComment