Day One: A Day in Edinburgh

We landed in Edinburgh, Scotland, a city of history and charm unlike any other. We spent our first day walking the cobblestone streets of Old Town, grabbing coffee along the Royal Mile and a pint at a local brewery tucked back in the side streets, away from the hustle and bustle. It had been a long day, so we went home and got some shut-eye, preparing for the next day's 6-hour drive to the famed Isle of Skye where we would be spending the weekend, immersing ourselves in the vibrant green mountains and small country roads. 

Day Two: A Drive to Skye.

After making our way through the highlands and across the bridge to Skye, we stopped in the quaint, port town of Uig to pick up some groceries for our stay along the western coast of the island. We checked into our home for the weekend, crawled into bed, and fell asleep to the Scottish rain pattering on the roof above our tired eyes.

Day Three: Hiking through the Isle

We woke the next morning to birds chirping and the absence of rain. Boiling some water for coffee, we mapped out our route around the island. The first stop was Quiraing, a long hike along the jagged mountains and stone spires protruding from the incandescent greens that lined the whole landscape. The winds gusted to nearly 35mph (56km/h), “keeping away the rain and the midges (pesky little bugs),” we were told by a local passerby on the trail.

After we returned to our car, we drove south for our next hike at Old Man Storr. Although a very popular hike and usually packed with people, the winds and potential rainfall had kept many visitors away, leaving the hike for us and a few weather-savvy travelers. As we climbed and approached the giant spires escaping from the heart of the mountain, we couldn’t believe our eyes. This was a place that has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. Now I was here, looking up at the beautiful feat of nature, appreciating how lucky I was to be there.

We stopped in the town of Portree for a quick bite to eat before heading to our final stop of the day: the Fairy Pools. While on the easy hike along the river leading up to the mountain, we were greeted by hundreds of midges. We immediately regretted forgetting the bug spray in the car, but we pulled on our hoods and were soon left in peace. The blues of the water and the calmness of the falls are something that can only be appreciated in person.

It was getting late and the sun slowly set as we made our way back north to our quiet home along the coast.

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