Our time in Norway flew by in an instant. We had so much we wanted to do, yet so little time - all while underestimating the size of this gigantic country. Landing in Oslo on our first night, we stayed with a distant relative of Nikita's who showed us around the city the next morning before we took off to Bergen. We walked down by the harbor and explored some historical landmarks. It was great, but Oslo is nothing in comparison to the rest of Norway.

After having a little lunch we hopped in our car and made the long drive to Bergen, a harbor town nestled along the western fjords of the country. Nearly nine hours of climbing up mountain roads and stopping at alpine lakes later, we made it to our Airbnb for the night. We woke the next morning and immediately went out to hike and explore around the harbor city. We climbed to the top of the mountain that overlooks the city and took in the incredible view before heading down to walk through the fish market and grab a bite to eat.

Our flight the next morning was at 7:00am, so we called it an early night.

Waking up to the endless summer sun, we hustled to the airport and embarked on our journey north. We landed in Tromsø mid-morning and immediately went to a little cafe on the water for some breakfast. I would be running a marathon two days later, so we took it easy. We enjoyed short hikes around the city, rested, and ate plenty of pasta. We spent our nights on the balcony, overlooking the harbor as the midnight sun hovered on the horizon. It's a sight everyone should see in their lifetime. 

The marathon left my legs a little beat up, so our last day was spent driving around the island - taking it all in and reflecting on our final few days of this incredible adventure.

We'll be back, Norway.

Brandon EckrothComment