North Shore, Minnesota

This last week I was accompanied by my incredibly wonderful girlfriend, Nikita, on a little weekend-adventure getaway up to Lake Superior's North Shore in Northern Minnesota. To say it was exactly what we needed would be an understatement. Being the North Shore's off-season, it felt as though we had the whole entire coastline of Lake Superior all to ourselves. We hiked to Palisade Head and stared out across the expanse of the inland sea. As we looked down, the waves crashed against the icy rocks over three hundred feet below us. I always love finding myself in locations that truly remind me how big, beautiful, and powerful this world is.

The rest of the weekend was spent exploring more of the remarkable, frozen coast and the quaint town of Grand Marais, eating too much pie (if there's even such a thing), and heading inland to Finland to find some forests to play in. We then headed home with bellies, hearts, and memory cards full of a perfect weekend spent up north. 

Take a gander at our weekend below.

Brandon Eckroth2 Comments