Iceland: Take Two

I had been here once before, a land of water - frozen and falling. I had walked some of the same paths, seen some of the same sites, yet it all felt new. That's the remarkable thing about this world and this life, no matter how many times we've been somewhere or seen something, we have the choice to experience it with fresh eyes and an open mind - making it new once again. So, here is Iceland: Take Two.

Day One: Got Soaked and Loved It

We arrived early in the morning, as most flights do. Welcoming us to this land of ice was the constant rain falling from the low-hanging clouds floating above our heads, just out of arm's reach. The capital city, Reykjavík, hugged us with open arms that came in the form of a light breeze and petrichor. I felt at home. After eating our fill and absorbing our caffeine, we hit the road - ready to embrace this rainy, windy day of adventure.

Waterfall after waterfall, new every time, leaving us mesmerized at each glance. We followed the coast to the city of Vík to admire the sea-stacks scattering the wave-stricken North Atlantic. Ending the night at Fjaðrárgljúfur, the ancient river canyon that flows through the lowlands towards the east, we stood there for a while in disbelief that we were here and our eyes were lucky enough to capture these sites for our minds to remember for years to come.

Day Two: The Icy Beaches and Infinite Lupine

We woke in our car to the ever-familiar sound of rain on our roof. Rubbing our eyes and rearranging our luggage, we headed to the nearest gas station to brush our teeth and fuel both our vehicle and ourselves. The roads were lined with never-ending fields of purple hues, shining vibrantly from the timid sun trying to peek through the clouds above. We drove for hours, which seemed like minutes, our minds so engaged with the views around us. Our last stop for the day was the icy waters of Jökulsárlón. We walked the shores imagining just how many goosebumps we'd accumulate by jumping in. We decided to wait for another day to find out. 

Day Three: A Drive through Northeastern Iceland

Today's journey involved a few waterfalls and bright blue pools, illuminated by the earth. Remarkably diverse in comparison to the southern coast, we were left in awe once again by the fact that places like this actually exist. The day was short and sweet, ending it in Akureyri with a trip to Domino's for a little reminder of home.

Day Four: A Big Rock

We took it easy, only planning one stop at Hvitserkur, an other-worldly rock structure worn by the rugged weather of the north coast.

Day Five: More Waterfalls and a Church

Kirkjufell, as iconic as it is, gets me every time. Its three waterfalls backdropped by the lone mountain towering over its rushing waters is a site that everyone visiting Iceland needs to see. After taking it all in, we headed south to walk along the coast of the Snæfellsnes Peninsula before heading inland to the Golden Circle. Gullfoss, one of Iceland's most powerful waterfalls concluded our trip around this unbelievable country. We watched the sun hover on the horizon at 11:40PM, embracing the summer's never-ending daylight.

Day Six: Blue Lagoon

After six days of circumnavigating the land of ice, we decided to reward ourselves with a relaxing evening at the Blue Lagoon.

Until next time, Iceland.