Iceland: Take Four

As I returned to Iceland for the fourth time, I knew it would be quite a different experience than my previous visits. For one, the lush, green landscapes were now covered in blankets of pristine white. Knowing that we would be making our way through this already wild country in even wilder conditions gave me a sense of excitement, but also a little fear - as unknown situations usually do.

Once we arrived, we jumped in our vehicle and headed north through scattered blizzards and ice-covered roads. This time would also be different in terms of what we would be doing in this remarkable country. Instead of exploration, we decided to stay put - working for a resort on the peninsula, Tröllaskagi, nestled into the mountains of the northern region of this beautiful country. You’ll be able to see a post from this project here very soon.

We spent the next five days snowshoeing, skiing, snowmobiling, and wandering through the mountains. A total of 30 inches of snow fell while we were residents of Deplar Farm, making us feel like we were in the middle of a snow globe. At times I was waiting for a pair of tiny hands to start shaking us uncontrollably. 

Our time in this place, I can honestly say, was my favorite of the past four visits. After seeing all there is to see around the Ring Road, it felt incredible to hunker down and take in one particular area - exploring every magical corner it has to offer.

Until next time, beautiful.

Brandon EckrothComment