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A Week in Wyoming with Josh Dorr

As we departed the plane onto the jetway, we were welcomed by the quaint little airport, GCC, in Gillette, Wyoming. It delivered such a nostalgic feeling, reminding me of my small-town home in North Dakota. Greeted by the incredibly generous folks at Travel Wyoming, we loaded up our gear and headed to grab some grub. Our first stop was the Gillette Brewing Company where we had some unbelievably good pizza and some even better be - even getting a fun tour of the beer-making process. After that, we headed over to the Frontier Auto Museum where we got to see some of the coolest old cars and oil signage. 

After we got our fill of the early 1900s, we ventured out of Gillette to the outskirts of Buffalo, Wyoming. Spending the night under the wide-open sky at The Ranch at UCross, we had an incredible steak dinner and a little jam sesh with Josh Dorr.

We woke up to the calm and the quiet of the mountains, had breakfast, and headed out to do some horseback riding at the Diamond 7 Bar Guest Ranch. We learned about the hours and hours of work it takes to make a pair of cowboy boots and then we headed for the corral. I rode my horse, Hank, throughout the Black Hills, taking in the views of the mountains and the trees - even being able to see Devils Tower from a distance. Afterwards, we made one last stop at the foot of Devils Tower to experience its magnificence. Once we decided it was getting late, we headed back in to Buffalo to spend the night at the Occidental Hotel, which I had come to find out is haunted. After settling in and dropping off our luggage, we went down to The Virginian for an absolutely splendid bison burger and some local bluegrass music. 

The next morning we woke to the most beautiful snowfall that slowly blanketed the city. After eating some breakfast, we were off to have a tour of the Durham Bison Ranch. We arrived and hopped in an adventure mobile heading out into the pasture to find some of these magical creatures. Bison are unlike any other animal I've ever seen. Their pure size and power are a force to be reckoned with. 

After that unforgettable experience we made our way back to Gillette where we had lunch at the Prime Rib and then took a tour of Big Lost Meadery and Brewery. This may have been my favorite stop on the itinerary. The whole atmosphere was so authentic to the days of the Vikings. I felt like I was in the village halls, preparing for a feast. Once we had our fill of mead, we headed back to rest for a bit before attending the Josh Dorr CD Release Party. Josh welcomed us and his hometown by playing some of his music, new and old. (you can listen to his new EP, here) 

Waking up on our last morning, we went downtown and walked around - having far too many cupcakes and coffee until it was time to say bye to this incredible state. If you're looking for a place full of quiet beauty, rolling hills, and snow-covered mountains,  eastern Wyoming is your place.

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